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Ryan’s Marathon

Why a Marathon?

We all have life goals and I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting any younger. Several years ago I decided that I would like to someday run a marathon, just to say I accomplished it. I briefly started the 5 month rigorous training schedule and found it difficult to stay self motivated. It just wasn’t the right time.

Several months back my new girlfriend asked me if I would be interested in training for a ½ marathon. My immediate response was yes and we have been running ever since. We run 3 to 4 times a week. Anywhere from 12 miles to 26 miles weekly. Some days are better than others, but we keep each other motivated. We are well on our way to accomplishing one of our individual life goals together and it feels great.

Why Charity?

As many of you probably have thought of donating to charity or doing something in your community, I have always wanted to do something myself. But what, how, when and for what cause? There are so many, right? Then life gets in the way, we forget, another year goes by and we just didn’t get around to helping.

I have helped out at local food shelters cooking on the holidays before. I have gone to help some other friends with their charities before, but all too seldom.

To be completely honest I didn’t even think of charity when I started running for my marathon. I was doing it completely for selfish reasons. I wanted to achieve a life goal.

Why Connie Foundation?

So one morning my friend Ed came to pick me up and on the back of his car he has a pink ribbon and it says “Ask me about The Connie Foundation!” So I hop in the car and say “Tell me about Connie Foundation”. He looks to me and smiles and asks, “Are you messing with me?” I said “No, the ribbon on your car, tell me about it.” He lights up like a Christmas tree. He goes on to explain how Connie foundation helps those with cancer with their everyday necessities. He goes on to explain how he has donated his time along with his fiancé and how great it feels to give back. He asks me if I’d like to go on a fundraiser sometime and help out.

To that my immediate response was “well I am running in this marathon; why not make it for charity? Why not raise money for Connie Foundation?”

So here I am trying to do my part, but I can’t do it without a lot of support. So I’m asking all my friends, family, co-workers, facebookers, youtubers, and anyone else I can think of for your support.

Any amount will help. Don’t think because of the economy I’m asking for $100. I’m asking so many people even a $5 donation will help tremendously. If I could get that much from everyone I would far surpass my goal. So please everyone make a small contribution to this very worthy cause.

Thanks in advance,




List of Donors:

Edmund Schlacher $100
Lisa Almodovar $100
Jason Perez $50
Thomas Perez $10
Debbie Moore $50
LeighAnne Corredor $50
Robert Maar $25
Ivan Ferrer $25
Paul Darmetko $100
Jose Arjona $5
Dan Jardine $120
Michael Douglas $50
Joseph Manuse $25
Bridie Menendez $25
Paul Metkomarine $100
Eddie Dalidowicz $100

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